Run the Jewels “36” Chain”

Killer Mike and El-P massacre the mic and more in pursuit of their kidnapped feline friend.

Hell hath no fury like a rap group whose puppet friend has been kidnapped. So when Killer Mike and El-P, otherwise known as Run the Jewels, watch their buddy Mr. Killums get snatched up — while trying to keep kids off drugs no less — things take a violent turn. The two leave Andrew W.K., Amber Tamblyn, and an elderly lady in their wake as they tear a building apart looking for their whiskered pal.

Timothy Saccenti directs the flick, which is described as “equal parts Charles Bronson in ‘Deathwish’ and LL Cool J circa ‘I’m Bad.’ ” More plainly, it’s a kick ass video representative of the stellar project El-P and Mike dropped last month. Their Run the Jewels LP is available for free download through Fool’s Gold Records. Check out the album and the video above, if only to avoid the Jewels’ Pai Mei fighting techniques.

36 chain 1

36 chain

36 chain 2

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