“Rubble Kings”: Film Documents ’70s NYC Gang Culture

Shan Nicholson has an awesome Kickstarter: Funding a film about NYC gangs.

If there were ever a project worthy of a donation of a few dollars on Kickstarter it’s “Rubble Kings,” a film by Shan Nicholson about New York City gang culture in the 1970s and how hip-hop was born from it. “Rubble Kings” uses rare archival footage from the era and original interviews with those who were around for those tumultuous times in New York City to depict the lives of disenfranchised youth in the South Bronx. A lack of resources, role models and attention from the outside world coupled with youthful energy and frustration caused the city’s young blacks and Latinos to find fraternity in gang life. Crime and violence were the order of the day in the South Bronx ghetto, that is, until guys like Kool Herc and former Black Spades gang member Afrika Bambaataa helped channel this energy into more constructive, positive outlets like dance and music–laying the foundation for what we call hip-hop today.

Clearing the use of all of this footage and music is expensive so with a goal of $50,000 Nicholson has set out to complete his film and he’s almost there you can help him get to his goal. Watch the trailer above and show your support for this great project on Kickstarter while it’s in its final days of fundraising.


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