“Off Tha’ Wall” – Rockie Fresh

We linked up with MMG's newest signee Rockie Fresh for the new episode of Off Tha' Wall. We chop it up about Space Jam, Chicago , and watching Hangin' with Mr. Cooper.

Today, we bring you the newest episode of Off Tha’ Wall, featuring Rockie Fresh. One of Maybach Music Group’s premier MCs, Rockie tends to catch listeners off guard with his alternative approach to his craft. Hailing from Chicago, he has a sound all his own, transcending the now familiar sound of the Windy City, but still holding tight to his midwest roots.

When we caught up with him, Rockie was getting ready to step on stage at the Mass Appeal SXSW Showcase. Despite that, he still took the time to chop it up with us about being the newest signee to MMG, copping the Space Jam soundtrack, and watching Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper.

Once you finish checking out Off Tha’ Wall, peep Rockie in the new video for “God Is Great” off MMG’s Self Made 3 album dropping on August 6th.

(NOTE: Don’t sleep on the Space Jam soundtrack. Matter of fact, don’t sleep on Space Jam at all. Between Hov writing Bugs Bunny’s verse, the Shawn Bradley alien, and the Retro XI’s it was 90’s kid’s dream. Shit was quite wavy.)


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