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Rockie Fresh “Kush Do” ft. Wiz Khalifa

Rockie Fresh “Kush Do” ft. Wiz Khalifa


Hazy green dreams making me reminisce about the days we used to sit around and kiss. Ok, that was cheesy. But sometimes that’s just what happens when you smoke a little too much of the good stuff.

Sexy ladies’ sultry coos are weaved through Maybach Music’s rising rap star Rockie Fresh’s slurry lyrics on “Kush Do”, spitting verses about how he’s got that special lady no matter what he’s doing. Rap music heavy hitter Wiz Khalifa drops a few choice cuts in a sing-songy furry of lines like “I’ma hit it like a habit, turn you over and grab.” With sexed up lyrics like that, this track could easily be mistaken for something on one of The Weeknd’s mixtapes. But the real action comes from the track’s catchy ass chorus “I don’t know what this kush do, but I think of you when I get high.”  Werd.

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