In Memory of Late Graf Writer P.Nut 2

Rest In Paint to the 1970s writer legend, Robert "P.Nut 2" Hayes.

P.Nut Robert Hayes

Rest in Peace P.Nut 2. Graffiti writing culture is getting older and as time passes, we lose more and more soldiers. There aren’t any soldiers who survived the Civil War still around, but we can still touch and feel the residue from that conflict today. Our condolences go out to the family of legendary ’70s-era “graffiti” artist Robert “P.Nut 2” Hayes. His influence continues to live on via the index fingers of artists all over the globe.

Terror 161 shared his memories of P.Nut 2 on 12ozProphet saying,

“Golden eras of graff are subjective, but P.NUT 2 wrote with the greatest during the period when piecing evolved into an artform. Some of his outlines came directly from his friend Phase 2 whose “P” greatly influenced his own. He came up during the single hit era, writing Bobby 172 and lasted through the mid 70’s doing some of the nastiest most iconic pieces ever with the most hallowed crews of the period.”



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  • Robert Hayes

    This was very touching and I would love to thank whomever put this together. P.NUT 2 was my father. This is the only video footage of him that I know is around. It is just amazing. Had many great emotions watching this. Thank You


    Wow Pnut 2 he was the man he did bomb with the best of them I remember the last time he came over my house he was wearing his favorite racking up jacket. I had some 8 track tapes in my room and he said to me do you have hollywood swinging I said sure Pnut of course I got that jam. I just took it of the shelf and gave it to him. I loved that guy he was one of the coolest writers you could ever meet. He never got style from any one he created his own joints right of the top of his own head. He use to come to my house every day I watched him grow we were partners. PNUT2 Was a white god like tracy 168 and FUZZ-ONE and MARK 198 AND KIT 17.PNUT2 is still alive in are hearts and souls and yes through are art work and are every day talks about the legend.We love you Mr Hayes From your real friends that wrote on trains and holded it down through the trenches and tunnels and yards and power layups.I light a candle under your flag every night bro. Dont worrie I wont let these fake as chumps use your name in any way.

  • im sorry for the loss of your dad ……..i remember him fondly … RIP Pnut

  • Russell Muccia

    Sorry about the loss of your Father Robert.If FRITOS is reading this I would like to talk and see you again we are friends i AM THE Russ 75 mission was good to see you again.


    look dude this is the orignal fuzz one i’m hanging out with mark 198 right now thank you very much for holding it down for my boy p.nut 2 you can reach me at ..

  • Thank you so much for this article, it meant so much

  • jimmy hopper

    He was a good friend, and will always be part of my family. thank you, he would have loved this


    PNUT 2 God how I miss that guy he was the greatest writer I ever had the pleasure of being with we were brothers in arms. Partners we stood side by side in the trenches together.PNUT 2 had a big heart he was a friend a comrad a brother. I miss him deeply all the times we shared. IM not gonna let anybody use this guys name in vane.PNUT 2 is looking down on his family and friends from HEAVEN saying im all right its Beautiful up here im with god and he loves me deeply like all my friends and family.PNUT 2 we love you buddy and we miss you and we will all make sure that your name will be up in lights for ever.Your brother WISK 5 is down with us and were chilling with him now and he’s are boy just like you are. I think of are times together at the VILLA FEAST . love you bro NICK MAZZOLLA. HOWARD BEACH for life.