Riff Raff How To Be The Man

Riff Raff “How To Be The Man (Houston Remix)” Video

This is how to "be the man"

The homie Riff Raff just dropped some very serious visuals for the Houston Remix of “How To Be The Man,” featured on his upcoming Neon Icon album. Supported by Houston mainstays Paul Wall and Slim Thug, we get Riff doing his thing, but with that additional touch of Houston hospitality. Drank references abound, Cadillacs swangin’, cheeks flappin’, and parking lot pimpery in full effect, you definitely want to check this joint out. The video is almost a who’s who of the Houston scene, with cameos from Johnny Dang, OG Ron C, Dat Boi T, and many more.

The “How To Be The Man (Houston Remix)” video finds Riff Raff less on the comedic side, taking his craft a little more seriously, connecting with his roots, and displaying versatility that some felt he didn’t have an inkling of. Hit the video player up top to check out Riff Raff’s new video, and here’s the link so you can pre-order that Neon Icon jammy jam, dropping on the masses June 24.


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Riff Raff How To Be The Man

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