RiFF RAFF Gets Grilled on HOT 97

Watch RiFF RaFF get grilled on HOT 97, speaking on topics like his rap career, fashion, his image, James Franco, stereotypes, Vanilla Ice, and much more!

Riff Raff attends the Grammy Awards

Totally awkward is the best way to describe RiFF RAFF’s interview on HOT 97 earlier this week. It was a straight grill fest when the Houston rapper got on the air, with Program Director and On-Air Personality Ebro attempting to crack details on RiFF’s background and his come up into the rap game.

The heated topic of discussion was whether RiFF’s rap career is authentic or phony, and judging by the video Ebro wasn’t buying it. The HOT 97 Program Director apparently wasn’t sold on RiFF, insinuating that the Houston rapper is a fake. This felt more like a back and forth between Ebro and RiFF, although Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds occasionally chimed in, mostly to save face with the “Neon Icon.”

Ebro was relentless in his pursuit of RiFF RAFF’s background, but the rapper was reluctant to give any details. Citing that he’s saving his story for an autobiography, the “Rap Game James Franco” said, “Now what I can tell you is that I dropped out of school and had nobody help me out… I do this for me. I came from a poor family, but that’s all I can say right now.” He kept his lips sealed, and insisted that you can’t categorize him, that he’s “just having fun,” repeatedly.

Take a look for yourself and hear RiFF RAFF discuss partying, his image, comparisons to Vanilla Ice, fashion, James Franco, and much more! Also, check out his exclusive freestyle for HOT 97 below.

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