Riff Raff and Mac Miller

Riff Raff “Aquaberry Dolphin” ft. Mac Miller

It's Versace-snowflake-icerberg-lettuce season!

It’s Versace-snowflake-icerberg-lettuce season! The white Ivanka Trump silver dollar stack o’ pancakes, aka the real Riff Raffington III, returns with a new track from his forthcoming album, Neon Icon. It seems Riff Raff’s reign of definitely not knowing how to rap continues, except this time with a co-sign from someone who does know something about rapping, Mac Miller.

I put a teacake on my lettuce / Look like the white Jerome Bettis / Snatch your Versace sister / Take her iceberg and put it in a picture

Okay, those weren’t actually lyrics from this new track titled “Aquaberry Dolphin,” produced by Larry Fisherman, aka Mac Miller, but it is literally that easy to rap like Riff Raff.

Listen to the self-proclaimed “white Wesley Snipes” drop some “knowledge” and hear Mac Miller name-drop Reese Witherspoon in the track “Aquaberry Dolphin” below.

You can pre-order Neon Icon now on iTunes or directly from Riff Raff himself.

Riff Raff and Mac Miller

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