Te Devan No Your City

Ricky Shabazz’s “No Your City” Episode 2: Te’Devan

Te'Devan is the 6'7 freestyle rapping Jew.

Most New Yorkers will argue that they know the Big Apple like the back of their hand. Filmmaker Nicholas Heller aka Ricky Shabazz wants you to think again. Shabazz shares the second installment of his new series No Your City, as we follow the life of Te’Devan, the 6’7″ Jew with a talent for freestyle rapping and spiritual healing. Shabazz’s 8-part series follows some of New York City’s local celebrities for an in-depth look at the lives of unique street characters – like Shaun, the rickshaw driver who looks and acts like Spiderman. How does Shabazz muster up the courage to speak with a giant rapping Jew? Here’s how:

“So, I was just sitting in Union Square one day and I saw this guy who I’ve noticed for the past 15 years. This 6 foot 7 white guy with locs who carries around a sign that says “6 ft 7 Jew will freestyle rap for you.” I always wanted to talk to him but I was too afraid. You see someone like that and think they’re crazy. So I decided to talk to this guy and figure out what his deal is, and we just started talking and that gave me the idea to do the same thing with other NYC characters.”

Check out episode one of No Your City and more about Ricky Shabazz in his interview, Hey, You’re Cool! Ricky Shabazz.

Te Devan No Your City

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