Ricky Powell tattoo jazz cigarette photography

Ricky Powell’s Photography Immortalized in Tattoos

Super fans go all out for famed photographer, Ricky Powell.

Ricky Powell NYC Street Photography tattoo

Ricky Powell will be here, forever [KRS ONE voice]. Yup, the older gentleman’s dusty yet distinguished mug already canonized through photography, has officially spawned a new thread of immortality through anonymous fans tattooing the Rickster and painting murals of him. Over the weekend, an anonymous fan posted a photo on Facebook of The Rickster puffing on a jazz cigarette which included the tattooed caption, “Photo Fumia.” Earlier this summer, a fan painted a tribute to Ricky Powell on the side of a delivery truck. The anonymous fans triggered comments from their icon, as he responded to the tattoo artist, “I wanna have a falafel in Wash Sq Park with him/her.”

Commemorating his contribution to street photography comes full circle this week as Mishka NYC hosts Back In BK, an event of their own that will display work from Ricky Powell’s complete resumé of work. Details on the event below.

Friday September 21st, 2012, 7-10 PM
Мишка NYC
350 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

Ricky Powell NYC Street Photography delivery truck mural

Ricky Powell tattoo jazz cigarette photography

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