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Ricky Oyola For Zoo York Kings

Ricky Oyola For Zoo York Kings


Philadelphia’s Ricky Oyola (Traffic Skateboards) is hands down the embodiment of East Coast skateboarding. Not only is he the undisputed mayor of Love Park (Stevie Williams is deputy only because of age), the dude’s unforgettably epic intro for 1995’s “Eastern Exposure 3,” pretty much solidified the raw, untamed, explicative-laden art that is skateboarding. It’s fast. It’s wild. It’s the love child of ridiculous urban variables and the unrestrained passion to skate over, around, past, and through them!

Zoo York’s ongoing Zoo York Kings series recognizes this and has thus immortalized the mythos that is Oyola with a brand new Hydrant Deck reissue board manufactured by Chapman Skateboards and an upcoming line of soft goods that will also commemorate the legend’s contribution to the culture.

Check out the official press release and Ricky’s legendary “Eastern Exposure 3” intro down below it.

Zoo York Hydrant Deck Blue Orange