Ricky Powell and the Ninjasonik gang.

Ricky At Fiddy

Ricky Powell and Ninjasonik gang.

Bummy Sophistication on a discreet tip…: Hello..how are ya? I’m good/ still standin’…I think my last insertion fer MA (Mass Appeal dum*dum) was before the big ‘Deflation’ kicked in and threw shit into a living nightmare..and here we are coming out on the other end..Congratulations.. I’m a little pleasantly surprised I did..And I’m Fitty (50) now..yes, years old. ‘Discreet older man’ status is how I reveled in it at first, but now I see myself as a somewhat funkier Oscar Madison..and that’s that. I’m currently on a two year streak of ‘hitting it out of the park’ on every (important/ prestigious) job/ gig I’ve produced/ edited, or designed. So, right now, I got mad shows (exhibits/ slide shows) coming at me, from all over the planet (Australia/ Thailand/ Tokyo) and that’s just this Spring.. I got something I guess people are interested/ intrigued by…So Ima just do me trill my last breath. I’m excited about this next venture in cultural journalizm with the new MA team, captained by the a ‘player’s Coach’, Sacha Jenkins..I think now that it’s an internet thing now, which involves filming shit, I’m gonna revive my ‘ol Public Access show and title it Rappin’ with The Rickster 2012 brought to you by MA…(!) and my E’Ed McMahon’ will be the/ my ‘Faye Dunaway of Hip*hop, my lil’ homegurl, Kimmy Matulova..She’s Redonkulous…she’s the girl feeding me a slice of Joe’s Pizza, on the cover of my latest musical dolo tapestry titled Uncle Chunky’s Bohemian Mixtape for Eccentric Lovemaking produced by my peoples at The Good Life..(and more mix tapes to come this year)..So anyway I loook foward to taping/filming interesting chats/ conversations with KooL folk in cool spots/backgrounds.. reflect my personal taste in whuts up in current New York (City)…Check me…Pace!

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