Rick Ross and Mr. Brainwash Set Art and Music Ablaze

Jay better watch his Basquiat back, Rick Ross is making a high art play.

In a move that’s sure to rock both the art and rap worlds, Rick Ross has teamed up with artist Mr. Brainwash for the creation of the MASTERMIND deluxe album cover. A “mastermind” indeed, Ross looks to bring “high art” to the world of album artwork. Now let’s break down this muhfucka on a more intricate level.


We find Ross here in a rather provocative pose and setting. Against a black background, possibly speaking to the bleak and often dismal world he paints with his sonic offerings. With gun in hand, bullet jettisoning from the chamber, technicolor brains blown, Ross floats in this visceral vacuum. Wading in this abyss we have our subject, Ross, painted in Mr. Brainwash’s trademark motif and typical silkscreen ready, pop art fashion (possibly an homage to the school of Warhol) wielding the weapon of his demise, unloading the masterpiece that is his mind into the vapid world in which he resides. To add additional character to the piece (which I’m sure will be offered in print form for purchase at a later date or possibly upon release of the MASTERMIND album) Mr. Brainwash drapes Ross in quintessential “Rozay” tenets. With a flooded bracelet and chain, representative of his more luxurious side, Ross pulls the trigger on his, fittingly, gilded gun.

An amazing image and collaboration brought about by two figures who both have become polarizing figures in their respective arenas. Many, even their peers, have called their origins, motives, and identities into question. Sounds like the perfect coupling to us. We’re excited to see what comes of this partnership and fusion of music and art. Get your deluxe copy of MASTERMIND March 4th and maybe even start your own personal art collection.

*Archetypical Rapper Liquor/Spirits plug below*



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