Rick Ross new track I wonder why on trayvon martin

Rick Ross “I Wonder Why”

Rozay alludes to his thoughts on the George Zimmerman murder trial in a brand new track.

Rick Ross I Wonder Why

Rick Ross delivers a brand new banger of a track with “I Wonder Why,” building the anticipation for his upcoming project Self Made 3, hitting stores September 17th. After delivering one of his trademark all-you-need-to-worry-about-is-getting-money motivational speeches, Ross gets introspective, contemplating why he feels the need to pursue a life of luxury when it presents so many challenges. He also wonders why he wonders why. Inception shit.

While the song starts off in typical Rozay fashion, halfway through Ross takes the track in a different direction, alluding to his views on the current sociopolitical environment in his home state of Florida. “Now I’m being followed by some creepy-ass crackers . . . stand your ground, stand your groooouuuund! Stand your ground, you gotta stand your ground.” The track ends with audio from Rachel Jeantel’s testimony during the George Zimmerman murder trial. While I won’t label this track as Rozay’s direct response to Trayvon Martin’s murder death, I’d still expect it to get some heavy rotation this summer, as the angst about the controversial verdict continues to weigh on the minds of many.

Listen to “I Wonder Why” below, and afterwards hit the comment section to share your thoughts on the track.

Rick Ross I Wonder Why cover art

Devin P-B does not wonder why he wonders why, but he is on Twitter @its_DPB

Rick Ross new track I wonder why on trayvon martin

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