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Giant Richard Jackson “Bad Dog” Sculpture Pees Paint on Museum

Giant Richard Jackson “Bad Dog” Sculpture Pees Paint on Museum

Richard Jackson Bad Dog Sculpture is located at the Orange County Museum of Art

People will be asking about the Richard Jackson “Bad Dog” sculpture for a long time. To say that 73-year-old artist Richard Jackson employs unconventional methods of engaging audiences would be an understatement. Need proof? How about a “Clifford the Big Red Dog”-sized piece of art just marking its territory in pee on the wall?  Richard Jackson’s “Bad Dog” sculpture is a massive black Labrador that can be found leaving its yellow streak of faux urine on the outside of the Orange County Museum of Art in California.

Sculptor Richard Jackson has spent more than three decades intermingling painting and sculpture to bring many of his distinctive “action” paintings into being. Previously, Jackson had visited this “Bad Dog” theme in exhibitions past, with smaller-sized canines in black, and chrome. For his OCMA retrospective, the artist even designed a commemorative handbag to go along with the enormous black dog. The LA Times recently

caught up with Jackson, to share some of his thoughts on his work, as well as photos and video footage from the “Ain’t Painting a Pain” museum exhibit. Check out these great photos of the Richard Jackson “Bad Dog” sculpture.

Huge Richard Jackson Sculpture
Richard Jackson peeing dog in California
Richard Jackson Dog from behind
 Bad Dog Sculpture by Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson Sculpture in OC
Building Richard Jackson Sculpture in Orange County

Photos by Alberta Mayo, Artinfo