Rich Kidd The Valley Music Video Toronto

Rich Kidd “The Valley”

The Toronto emcee/producer proves things aren't always what they seem.

With all the cookie cutter bullshit that’s going on these days, it’s nice to know that some rappers still see the importance of making creative music videos. Toronto’s own Rich Kidd takes viewers on a mysterious journey in his latest, “The Valley” directed by RT!

The producer/MC wanders through a luxurious mansion filled with scantily clad, masked women and their johns. If the vibe seems familiar, you’re probably picking up RT!’s inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut.”

“With ‘The Valley’ visual, I really wanted to make a video that kept throwing curveballs as you continue to watch it. Everyone knows about late night missions after the club, so I took that simple relatable idea and flipped it into something dark, Kubrickian, and unexpected. Hip hop videos have a stigma of being predictable to the point of parody so we fucked with peoples expectations, while indulging some of those elements (who doesn’t love lingerie parties?). Rich is that new type of artist outta Canada that makes that real hip hop but ain’t afraid to try different concepts both visually and musically. When I heard the drums on this and ‘The Valley’ chanting I knew it had to be something twisted.” – RT!

What starts off as a fantasy quickly turns into a nightmare for Rich Kidd and his friends. Check out the video above to see how it all plays out.

The Valley Music Video Pinky Ring
Rich Kidd The Valley Music Video Toronto

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