Rhythm Roulette With El-P

Using a semi-broken ASR-10, along with some dusty and warped records, El-P creates a special something out of nothing for this episode of "Rhythm Roulette."

This time around on “Rhythm Roulette,” we linked up with the one and only, El Producto. Known for his expansive career, starting from his involvement in the group Company Flow all the way to his recent Fool’s Gold release, Run The Jewels with Killer Mike, El-P has always been known to push the musical boundaries of hip hop through his production, which usually tiptoes on the border between psychedelic and hardcore.

The Def Jux general blessed us with the opportunity to get some insight on the process, which has helped him make classic material since 1993. After heading to a hole-in-the-wall record shop and picking out some dusty old warped records, El showed us how to make something out of nothing/s, starting with his rusty, self-fixed, ASR-10.

After hours of smoke, beer, and patience, El-P presented us with nothing less then what we expected. Hard hitting drums, mind-boggling synths, and explosive drops. Watch the master at work above, and be on the lookout for what “Rhythm Roulette” has in store for all of you dusty finger fiends in the future.

el-p rhythm roulette mass appeal

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    none of the rhythm roulette videos are working for me 🙁