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Rhythm Roulette’s Christmas Wishlist

Rhythm Roulette’s Christmas Wishlist


DJ Babu

  • Joe Mansfield’s “Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession” book… I love drum machines and love doing the knowledge on vintage gear.
  • Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Synth… My man, Jake One, put me up on this great vintage synth. Easy to use. Great sounds. I want.
  • Ableton Push… I finally started getting into Ableton live 9 so it only makes sense that I’d want to add this controller to my arsenal.

Thelonious Martin

  • Akai MPD32… My 24 broke, been using the 18 as of late and finessing, but Thelonious (yes the use of third person, and now parenthesis is critical) needs a new MPD. It works so well with Logic and I’ve been making all types of craziness as of late
  • Roland Juno-60… I’ve seen my homies Peter Cottontale and like from Pac Div use it, it’s a beautiful keyboard and wouldn’t mind having it in the dungeon.
  • Some more placements… I really don’t want much for Christmas, I just want to be able to work with some major artists in the upcoming year. Put me in the studio with ’em and watch some magic happen!

 Chuck Inglish

  • Record: Eddie Hazel – Games, Dames, and Guitar Strings
  • Record: McNeal & Niles – Thurst
  • Gear: Moog Voyager and Mellotron M4000d

Happy Holidays from the Mass Appeal team! To say thanks for the love you’ve shown “Rhythm Roulette” this year, we’re giving on lucky winner some gear of their own.

Click here and enter to win an new Akai MPK25 and a Numark M4 DJ Mixer!

Santa With RR Gifts




  • Moog 901 VCO… This module occupies a strange place — it’s one of the most widely heard pieces of synthesizer history (basically every synth passage pre-1970), and yet, it’s rare as hen’s teeth. The original Moog modular pieces are insanely expensive now; I’d LOVE to have one of these.
  • Mellotron… The only keyboard-based instrument from the soul/rock/funk pantheon I never looked for, mostly ’cause I just can’t justify the price point. If this were on Bill Gates’ dime, then fuck it, I’ll take one with all the banks.
  • RCA BA-6A… Heavyweight single channel tube compressor. Used on a lot of records, expensive, and hard to come by.

Black Milk

  • Custom built live room… for my studio, with all brand new instruments.
  • My own personal record collector… someone who could hunt down vinyl for me & keep my record collection organized.
  • An SP-1200… just because I’ve never had one or got around to buying one.

House Shoes

DJ House Shoes-1
  • MPC 3000… I miss my baby. Sold it to Karriem Riggins in 1998. He’s definitely been putting her to work. My 2000xl is currently under the weather and I may just cop another 3 unless Santa falls through with one. I don’t care what anyone says the 3000 is by far the best of all the incarnations of the MP. I’m all hardware, no software. Sticking to tradition.
  •  A studio space… I’ve never had a spot outside of the crib to work. Now that I have a family, my output has definitely slowed. Since I’m a very solitary producer, in that I like to work alone in private when I am creating, and with 2 kids under 5 that shit ain’t happening at the crib. Time to make that shit happen.
  • Com Brio ADS 200… Crazy ass synth from 1980. Only 2 were made. Only one was sold. Find me that other one. And tell the guy in the red suit to bring that shit.
  • Honorable mention: Rane 68… I ain’t paying 3 grand for a fucking mixer. Bring that shit through Santa.