Rhythm Roulette Santa Claus

Rhythm Roulette’s Christmas Wishlist

We ask some of our favorite producers what they want for their studio stocking stuffers this Christmas.


  • Moog 901 VCO… This module occupies a strange place — it’s one of the most widely heard pieces of synthesizer history (basically every synth passage pre-1970), and yet, it’s rare as hen’s teeth. The original Moog modular pieces are insanely expensive now; I’d LOVE to have one of these.
  • Mellotron… The only keyboard-based instrument from the soul/rock/funk pantheon I never looked for, mostly ’cause I just can’t justify the price point. If this were on Bill Gates’ dime, then fuck it, I’ll take one with all the banks.
  • RCA BA-6A… Heavyweight single channel tube compressor. Used on a lot of records, expensive, and hard to come by.

Black Milk

  • Custom built live room… for my studio, with all brand new instruments.
  • My own personal record collector… someone who could hunt down vinyl for me & keep my record collection organized.
  • An SP-1200… just because I’ve never had one or got around to buying one.

House Shoes

DJ House Shoes-1
  • MPC 3000… I miss my baby. Sold it to Karriem Riggins in 1998. He’s definitely been putting her to work. My 2000xl is currently under the weather and I may just cop another 3 unless Santa falls through with one. I don’t care what anyone says the 3000 is by far the best of all the incarnations of the MP. I’m all hardware, no software. Sticking to tradition.
  •  A studio space… I’ve never had a spot outside of the crib to work. Now that I have a family, my output has definitely slowed. Since I’m a very solitary producer, in that I like to work alone in private when I am creating, and with 2 kids under 5 that shit ain’t happening at the crib. Time to make that shit happen.
  • Com Brio ADS 200… Crazy ass synth from 1980. Only 2 were made. Only one was sold. Find me that other one. And tell the guy in the red suit to bring that shit.
  • Honorable mention: Rane 68… I ain’t paying 3 grand for a fucking mixer. Bring that shit through Santa.

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Rhythm Roulette Santa Claus

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