Rhythm Roulette Santa Claus

Rhythm Roulette’s Christmas Wishlist

We ask some of our favorite producers what they want for their studio stocking stuffers this Christmas.

As all producers and musicians know, getting new gear can set you back and put some holes in your pocket. That’s why we asked our favorite producers what they’d like the big old bearded man in red to bring them this Christmas. Check out what El-P, Statik Selektah, RJD2 and others have to say about what’s on their studio wish-list. Afterwards, enter to win some gear of your own by entering our Rhythm Roulette Holiday Giveaway.

Statik Selektah

  • The new Macbook Pro… mine has had it, plus I keep hearing about how ill the new processors are.
  • A new board for the studio… my Digi 003 has had more liquor in it than me…
  • Some OG Yamaha Monitors… The black & white joints… If you get something sounding ill on those, it’ll sound good anywhere!


El P Christmas

  • Yamaha CS80… It weighs 200 pounds and there are not many available for less than about 8k. It’s the synth the “Blade Runner” score was made on, as well as many other seminal recordings. I’ve used it’s baby brother the Yamaha CS50 on a bunch of songs. IT WILL ONE DAY BE MINE.
  • BUSHMASTER Patrolman’s Carbine Cerakote… Not saying I want this, but it would be kind of nice to know it’s there. This shit could shoot a dragon down or kill a yeti, and I’m concerned about both of those things.
  • 2013 Range Rover… I can’t help it, I like that shit. Deviates just enough from the classic Range that it’s interesting and current but not enough to be corny. I’ll probably get a Prius.


  • Rocktron Banshee Talkbox… I need this talkbox in my studio so “I can make you dance if you want me to” just like Roger Troutman. People don’t know but I have been dabbling in funk my whole beat-making career so this would be a fun addition to my studio. RIP Roger!
  • TR 808… Yes I have plenty of 808 kits that I can load up in my MPC, but I don’t have the actual machine I can turn and point at to show off how OG I am. I want to feel that feeling of being like “thats my Roland TR 808 bitch! ” But I do own a Roland CR-8000, the numbers are close but the 808 came out later. But the CR-8000 was my father’s (RIP) and I wouldn’t trade it for any drum machine in the world.
  • Madonna’s ‘Erotica’ 12-inch 1992 picture disc… After I jam out to this while cleaning my house I want this record so I can sell it on Ebay for $2,000 and then buy myself 2,000 $.99 records at the Salvation Army.

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Rhythm Roulette Santa Claus

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