Rest In Peace DG

We pay our respects to the NYC legend.

Queens native Jason Wulf, AKA DG, had been painting New York City since 1985. With a style that was hard to miss, Wulf put in work all city, from the streets to subway cars. He was respected not only for his consistency, but also his talent, having produced detailed pieces and canvases. Wulf, age 42, was found by police on Wednesday, at the 25th Street Station in Sunset Park. Acquaintances of the artist set up a fund to raise money for his memorial service, where they raised $10,000 with just over 90 donations. His funeral service takes place tonigh, Monday July 7, at the Seneca Chapel in Ridgewood.


Following the tragedy, fellow friends and graffiti artists took the streets to remember their fallen brother.

Rime MSK:


Giz MTA:

no slideshow

Zexor NWC:


We will miss DG’s contributions to graffiti and hope that he rests in peace.


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