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Resident Advisor’s Real Scenes Explores New York

Resident Advisor’s Real Scenes Explores New York

New York has long been known as a tempestuous beast and only the most dogged of it’s residents survive, let alone thrive. Nowhere is this more true than in the music industry and yet artists, producers and industry influencer somehow manage to role with the constant reinvention and evolution of both sound and scene.

Resident Advisor’s video series Real Scenes explores the creative and cultural influences that drive electronic music in leading cities. For this episode, they dig deep into our own backyard, to discuss the history of New York’s pertinacious music industry and the city’s unique ability to prosper under adversity.

The New York edition of Real Scenes discusses both the raw realities of the daily hustle, tackling issues like prohibition era dance bans and gentrification, as well as lauding the industry stalwarts who have managed to adjust and adapt under the capricious cycle of change. Visually captivating and intellectually stimulating, the short captures the essence of the city’s bustling music scene, as well as serving as a well earned testament to the tenacity of the natives.


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