Renovo Wood Frames Don’t Ride Like Hell

A premium rush built from wood and bamboo.

Maybe some of y’all check out bikes like I do. You know, the babewatch. The head turn and follow down the street as it passes by. Well, recently some new crack has hit the streets: WOOD FRAMES. Where did this crazy idea come from? Why do these things exist? I mean, the father of the modern bicycle, the velocipede, mostly utilized metal parts, possibly the occasional set of wooden wheels.

In this case, inspiration doesn’t seem to come from history. Maybe it lies in the western craving for cultural appropriation from the third world. Folks have been riding wooden whips in rural areas spanning the globe, from the Philippines to Rwanda; where metal shops are scarce.

Either way, these things are dope! Wood frame producer Renovo claims their reasoning behind producing reinforced wood and bamboo frames is not sustainability nor the longing to be “different,” but strictly founded on engineering benefits. Apparently wood can be manipulated to have the perfect amount of give to stiffness to provide a super smooth ride. For real tho, they are fly. Like riding on some beautiful piece of vintage furniture. Bet.

Wood Bike Renovo Portland Oregon

People ride with their belongings on a wooden bicycle as they flee from renewed fighting between Congolese army and M23 rebels near the eastern Congolese city of Goma

Wooden Bicycle Jan Gunneweg02

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