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Rekstizzy Goes Postal on Queens

Rekstizzy Goes Postal on Queens


Rekstizzy Queens rapper

As the cringe-inducing album cover of his debut Fake It Til You Naked suggests, Rekstizzy isn’t here to offer compromises. His wild antics are a result of his unapologetic obsession with liquor and have earned him a reputation (and an aptly-given teenage nickname: Reckless) throughout Asian communities across the East Coast.

On a Friday evening, Mass Appeal followed Rekstizzy to Flushing, New York, where he spent a bulk of his adolescence gulping down 40s, partaking in drug use, and getting involved with debauchery so sordid, Commissioner Kelly would have an aneurysm. Follow Rekstizzy and MA on this twisted journey when you click each page below.


Rekstizzy Bodega Queens Old English
“I started drinking publicly with shotgunning beer cans. I guess it was an advanced method of learning. ‘Cause when you shotgun, you have to finish the can right away. Boom! And then when it’s time for 40s, you’re just like, aight, I’ll fuck with a 40, man. Shi-bal-nom (motherfucker in Korean).” [Laughs]


Damage: 4 singles for an Olde English 40 ounce.

Chick Appeal: None. Except for early Friday evenings, when all types of pampered creatures are waiting to hop on the LIRR into Manhattan.

Versus K-Town in Manhattan: Less likely to get a pink slip and less damage to your pocket…but hurtful to your integrity as a grown-ass man.

Rekstizzy’s Words: We used to gulp a 40 every single day. [Chugs a 40] During the summer? Like twice a day. But, damn, this is horrible! They’ve got all these cameras here now! This fucking sucks, man. [Burps]

I got brain freeze, yo. [Continuously burps] But, yo, we used to sit right there [points at the benches], drinking mad 40s, everybody just rolling blunts. It’s so retarded, man. And we would always smash the fucking bottles on the tracks. Should I be a dick and smash it now? [Throws the 40 bottle on the train tracks]

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    yo, this was too real. nice introspection, rek.

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    this last portion reminded me of the time me, you and tony sang by ourselves until sunrise at bing

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    flushing!!!! brraaaat! nah. 

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