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Rekstizzy Goes Postal on Queens

Rekstizzy Goes Postal on Queens

Rekstizzy Queens rapper

As the cringe-inducing album cover of his debut Fake It Til You Naked suggests, Rekstizzy isn’t here to offer compromises. His wild antics are a result of his unapologetic obsession with liquor and have earned him a reputation (and an aptly-given teenage nickname: Reckless) throughout Asian communities across the East Coast.

On a Friday evening, Mass Appeal followed Rekstizzy to Flushing, New York, where he spent a bulk of his adolescence gulping down 40s, partaking in drug use, and getting involved with debauchery so sordid, Commissioner Kelly would have an aneurysm. Follow Rekstizzy and MA on this twisted journey when you click each page below.

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