Rekstizzy “God Bless America”

Rekstizzy's 4th of July is greater than your 4th of July. He also puts ketchup and mustard on buns you wouldn't dare eat.

Rekstizzy takes celebrating the 4th of July to the next level in his new video “God Bless America.” The Queens-based MC shows his love for the red, white and blue by shotgunning beers, barbecuing MCs, and putting ketchup and mustard on buns. Well, sort of, they aren’t really the buns you put hamburgers or hot dogs in, unless you’re about that life. If you are, then you deserve an, “Ayo! You’s a freak, pop!”

When I say, “God bless America” you say, “Fuck yeah!” God bless America…

Rekstizzy celebrating the 4th of July

Rekstizzy drinking a beer on the 4th of July

Rekstizzy party on the 4th of July

A model posing with the flag on the 4th of July

Rekstizzy standing in front of a flag

Mass Appeal supports Devin P-B, but not his tweets @its_DPB.

Model posing in front of the flag

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