Reign(a): QChord Lessons with Gabby Richardson

Wtf is a QChord?

reign(a): [REY?-nah] n: a bomb femme who takes no shit.

reign(a) is an interview series featuring strong females who challenge cookie-cutter definitions of “feminism.” Through various social media outlets, an unprecedented number of artists are leveraging their online personas to dismantle archaic ideals of womanhood. We will talk to and learn from fly women who inspire others not because it’s cool, but because conformity is boring.

In this episode, activist, artist, and Art Hoe Collective curator, Gabby Richardson teaches how to play the QChord, the updated version of a now-indie ‘80s artifact akin to something your Hawaiian shirt-wearing uncle would be found playing (or David Bowie). Originally co-founded by Mars and Jam, Art Hoe Collective is a URL and IRL safe space and movement for young POC/QPOC to use art as the weapon of choice against white appropriation. Free from stereotyping and preconceptions, Art Hoe gives a voice to those who are left stripped bare by those that exploit young Black and Brown creatives. Abandoning respectability politics for A Seat at the Table, Gabby, the 21-year-old Philly native, reminds us that although left disadvantaged by postcolonialism, through reclaiming our art, image, and culture we gain agency. This us—this shit is from us. Some shit you can’t touch.

Check out our last episode, where the Nuyorican cyborg rapper Princess Nokia taught how to make rose water.

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