Reign(a): Glam Squad with The Skins

"David Bowie-me out"

reign(a): [REY?-nah] n: a bomb femme who takes no shit.

reign(a) is an interview series featuring strong females who challenge cookie-cutter definitions of “feminism.” Through various social media outlets, an unprecedented number of artists are leveraging their online personas to dismantle archaic ideals of womanhood. We will talk to and learn from fly women who inspire others not because it’s cool, but because conformity is boring.

In this episode of reign(a), Bay Li and Kaya McKeithan of Brooklyn group The Skins teach you how to sport DIY glam rock fashion. Born and bred in New York City, The Skins are comprised of three siblings (Kaya, Bay Li, and Reef McKeithan) and two friends (Daisy Spencer and Russell Chell). They are a pop group with a tinge of soul and an undertone of rock. On the radar for a few years now, the group released their single “Bury Me” featuring D.R.A.M. last year and dropped their self-titled debut EP this past December 16th. Belting powerfully over synths, Bay Li tells us: “I was in a relationship that was very toxic. I didn’t realize my self worth, and I set my pride and integrity, all my self worth aside to be in this illusion that I thought was love.” She also commented on the excellently executed harmonies: “The song was coming from a weird dark place, and D.R.A.M. definitely added to that.”

Watch as the sisters talk about diversity, New York City as inspiration, and the intrinsic creative nature of people of color. They’re all about breaking boundaries, binaries, and upheld preconceptions: “Now when people ask us what genre or what category we put ourselves into, it’s the hardest question.”

Check out our last episode, where Brooklyn-based, DMV-bred iya soul duo OSHUN taught us how to rock a head wrap.

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