Reign(a): Blunt Rollin’ with DonMonique

"I'm not saying this is THE way. This is just how I do it"

reign(a): [REY?-nah] n: a bomb femme who takes no shit.

reign(a) is an interview series featuring strong females who challenge cookie-cutter definitions of “feminism.” Through various social media outlets, an unprecedented number of artists are leveraging their online personas to dismantle archaic ideals of womanhood. We will talk to and learn from fly women who inspire others not because it’s cool, but because conformity is boring.

In this episode, rapper DonMonique teaches you how to roll a blunt. Hailing from Brooklyn and the Bronx, Don began making a name for herself in New York City’s rap game with her “Kendall, Kylie, and Miley” single “Pilates.” Her debut EP, Thirst Trap, which dropped last year and features Danny Brown, is undeniably Brooklyn, paying homage to the Brooklynites who came before her and is reminiscent of an early version of a slightly-less vulgar Lil’ Kim. New York to the bone, she constantly reminds all those watching “not to talk shit” about her blunt rolling. Sit back and learn from the Don.

Check out our last episode, where activist Gabby Richardson taught us how to play the Q-Chord.

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