Redman at the 9th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

Watch Redman tear up the stage and run through some of his classic and most energetic tracks during this year's Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

New Jersey’s own “Funk Doctor Spock,” Redman, was the first headliner to grace the stage during this past weekend’s 9th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. The energetic MC came out blazing as he ran through a slew of his classics like “Time 4 Sum Aksion” and “I’ll Bee Dat.” Yes, the audience went absolutely cuckoo for them! Not rain or even an earlier car accident was stopping Reggie Noble from getting his fans the hype he was bent on delivering. The daring rapper even went so far as to dip into the crowd with the help of a security-assisted lift to bust out a sans Method Man rendition of “Da Rockwilder” where the crowd picked up Meth’s rhymes. And the best declaration of the performance, Redman announced that Muddy Waters 2 is definitely coming sometime later this year on into 2014. Ring the alarm!

Stay tuned for more headliner performance visuals along with a full recap video of the entire Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival day right here on Mass Appeal.

Photography courtesy of Brook Bobbins

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