“Off Tha’ Wall” – Redman

We chop it up with Redman for a brand new episode of Off Tha' Wall at the 9th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

We traveled to this year’s Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival to enjoy the, food, people and of course the live performances. New Jersey’s own, Redman traveled across the water to show BK some love and made sure to leave his mark on the borough’s annual festival. A living legend, Funk Docta Spock, is a true MC who has delivered some of rap’s most memorable songs and kept us laughing with his music videos antics out of the booth. After he crushed the stage, we caught up with him for our BK Hip Hop Festival edition of Off Tha’ Wall.

When speaking with Red, he revealed how he got his name, some of his earliest music experiences and the biggest misconception about New Jersey. Reggie Noble flexes his OG status with his supreme knowledge of some of Hip Hop’s legends and his love for true soul music. In addition to these questions, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask the How High star what his biggest weed pet peeve is. Check out what he has to say in our Off Tha’ Wall clip.

Make sure to check out our Redman’s Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival performance.


Brandon ‘Jinx’ Jenkins name must be “He Ain’t Shit.” Cause Every time he tweets, people be like “He ain’t shit!” He’ll be dat.  @Jersey_Jinx

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