Redman is “On Vacation” with Moonbootica

Redman is “On Vacation” with Moonbootica

Redman teamed up with German deejay’s KoweSix and Tobitob known as Moonbootica for their new single, “I’m On Vacation,” from the album Our Disco Is Louder Than Yours. Like the song or not, Reggie Noble is being himself—still lyrical, and funny. Comedy is at the forefront of the whole video, directed by Harris Hodovic who pictures Redman amongst a type of crew like the Jersey Shore. Musically “Vacation” may sound like a departure for Redman, but he’s always repped New Jersey. Why hate?

If you’re not fond of Redman doing crossover records, that’s cool. Not everyone came around when Redman jumped on a record with homegirl from Shaolin—Christina Aguilera. It got him a Grammy nomination, remember that? But we get it. You’d rather see Reggie in his natural state on records you can nod to, not fist pump. Well, that hasn’t changed one bit. See the Funk Doc flow over “No Church in the Wild” surrounded by what keeps him in his element.