Redman Ill Bee Dat Music Video

Redman’s Best Music Videos of All Time

There's no denying that the Newark, NJ native, Redman, has some of the dopest music videos in the history of hip hop. Here are his best.

Redman Best Videos

In an era of hip hop where many artists succumb to the cut and paste method of focusing on money, cash, and “hoes” in their music videos, it seems that originality is scarce. In the 90s, I remember judging artists on their delivery, lyricism, and ability to produce creative music videos. I remember the excitement my friends and I shared when finding out that artists like Busta Rhymes, the Beastie Boys, or Outkast would be premiering a new video.

One rapper that had a strong track record of dope music videos was Reggie Noble, aka Funk Dr. Spock, aka Redman. In honor of the Newark, NJ native performing at the 9th annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest this weekend, the team and I picked Redman’s best music videos of all time. It was a lofty task, but damnit, someone had to do it. Check out the five videos that we selected and let us know if you agree, and be sure to catch Redman this Saturday, July 13th, in Brooklyn, NY.


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Redman Ill Bee Dat Music Video

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