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Redefinition Records’ Cassette Giveaway



This contest has ended.

Our friends at Redefinition Records are feeling very generous in 2014. They’ve been consistently reprinting classic material from K-Def, Damu the FudgeMunk and Grap Luva in the form of cassette. Not only have they been reprinting them in a format that reeks of nostalgia and collectability, they’ve also been simultaneously releasing the projects for free download when the cassettes drop. Now that’s love.

If that wasn’t enough, now they’ve decided to give away a few of the releases along with a cassette player for those ’90s babies wondering how they’re going to stick the cassette in their Macbook Airs.

The prize consists of the following and you can enter to win here.

1 x Coby Portable Cassette Player (2 AA Batteries Not Included)
1 x Grap Luva – Neva Done (Tape)
1 x K-Def – One Man Band (Tape)
1 x Damu The Fudgemunk – How It Should Sound Vol 1 & 2 (Signed Tape)
1 x Damu The Fudgemunk – Supply For Demand (Tape)
1 x Damu The Fudgemunk – Spur Momento Trailer (Tape)
1 x Tony Williams featuring Kanye West – “Another You” (Cassette Single, Promo Only Tape)



  • 93kid

    So fuckin’ dope…cassettes? Are those blanks?

    • Ian Cokestar

      Naaaah! Full of great real hip-hop, mate!

  • Alien Jesus

    Dope! I have a collection of over 70 boomboxes, and 600 Hip hop cassettes old school. I see those are even shrink wrapped! Nice! Didn’t know companies still pressed up cassette..