Red Bull’s “What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music”

Watch the entire film here.

For 15 years, the Red Bull Music Academy has been offering its program to students whose goals and aspirations are to create music as a career. The program grabs a wide array of artists together for a journey in sound, taking demos and personalities from all around the world and setting up shop in a different city each year. The Red Bull Music Academy has taught in Berlin, Dublin, London, Sao Paulo, Toronto, and in 2013, the host city was New York.

To celebrate 15 years of the program, the Red Bull Music Academy created a film titled “What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music,” as well as a book called “For the Record.” The film features the likes of Brian Eno, Nile Rodgers, James Murphy, Skream, and a slew of other incredible musicians, while the book features some top-tier music journalists, such as Philip Sherburne, Joe Muggs, Jeff ‘Chairman’ Mao and Sheryl Garratt. The two go in-depth with detail on music, interviewing different artists, talking about conceptualism, instruments, and performances, as well as critiquing and talking on experience and influences.

Obviously, the program isn’t the easiest to get into. There are musicians applying from all around the entire globe, sending in demos and hoping to be apart of this special academy. Acceptance not only includes a trip out to the city that’s hosting the school and accommodation costs covered, but the opportunity to meet and hear lectures from some extremely influential artists, as well as leaving the program with a creative new insight on creating/producing music. Flying Lotus straight up said it: “This was some life-changing shit.”

Those wanting to learn more about the Red Bull Music Academy can get a basic understanding of the journey offered to its students by watching the film. The documentary was shot during the New York shop in 2013, and it’s got a slew of big names attached to it. It was directed by the award-winning Ralf Schmerberg, and features interviews with a few of the students who attended last year’s academy, in addition to artists like Gaslamp Killer, James Murphy, DJ Assault, Q-Tip, Rakim, Young Guru, Yacht, Flying Lotus, Brian Eno, Erykah Badu, Louis Baker, Lee Perry, and too many others to name.

The film promises enlightenment for those who take the time to watch. It’s an inspiring documentary and a small glimpse of what the Red Bull Music Academy can do for people. Not only does the film shine light on massive amount of of musicians and their opinions on creating music in life, but the actual Red Bull Music Academy website also records a handful of their guest lectures for others to view online for absolutely free.

Join in the celebration of 15 years of the Red Bull Music Academy. Take a glimpse the essential understanding of life and music — “What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music,” is free to watch. So why not?

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