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Rebel Socialite Gets Throwed With New ‘Dirty Sprite’ T-Shirt

Rebel Socialite Gets Throwed With New ‘Dirty Sprite’ T-Shirt

The Rebel Socialite team is back with another drop, and this time around they’ve linked up with rapper/producer Chase N. Cashe for their “Dirty Sprite” release.

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Following their first installment of the Cristal Bottle T-shirt, the crew decided to go left with an emblem of a Sprite bottle which hosts a powerful liquid. This purple stuff, nicknamed ‘lean’ by the south, is known to put people in an almost trance like state, throwing them into real life slow motion. When asked why the departure from the initial upscale imagery from their first drop, Rebel Socialite founder & chief creative Kristoff Murphy stated, “I feel like this particular shirt shows exactly what I want Rebel Socialite to be about. Where the ‘Cristal’ Shirt was more for the suites, This ‘Dirty Sprite’ Shirt was more intended for the streets. This gives my brand that official attitude/lifestyle feeling that’s so important in capturing with the consumer.”

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When developing his vision for this release, Kristoff mentioned wanting to pay tribute to the south, who have helped bring sippin’ syrup to the forefront of mainstream consumption. He reached out to Crook Robbins for two separate photo shoots, the first feature the ATL Twins, Sid & Thurm, handling with one of their addictions: sexy-ass women. The second set of photos finds Chase N. Cashe & A$AP Josh playing a back stairwell, blending their elixir.

Check out both photo shoots and make sure to hit up and get draped up and dripped out in their “Dirty Sprite” t-shirt, available now.

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Brandon ‘Jinx’ Jenkins doesn’t sip sizzurp, but he is on Twitter: @Jersey_Jinx

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