Read Tupac’s Letter to Chuck D

Pac pays his respects to a fellow legend.

More information on Tupac‘s life continues to come to light, even 18 years after his passing. Yesterday, Chuck D of Public Enemy shared a letter from Tupac via his Twitter account. Dated September 25, 1995, the letter contains personal sentiments, with Tupac expressing to Chuck how “highly respected + loved u r by me.” In addition to thanking Chuck for his support, Tupac asks for assistance with a program he is interested in starting, as well as asking Chuck to collaborate on a track titled “Da Struggle Continues” for his album Euthanasia, which eventually became All Eyez On Me.

Read the letter in full  below.


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  • Real Dope Brother

    I wonder what Tupac would say or do if he was around to see how tHot 97 treated Chuck D recently. But then again, its not like Hot 97 even respects Pac, we all know how the man child Funk Flex feels about pac. How and why NY artist and listeners still support that radio station is beyond me. Chuck D and Pac would of been powerful.