RATKING feat. King Krule “So Sick Stories”

RATKING feat. King Krule “So Sick Stories”

Photo by Benjamin Lowy

RATKING and King Krule take it to the streets for their video for “So Sick Stories,” directed by Eric K. Yue. The video has a straightforward traverse-the-city treatment, featuring the overpass raps and below bridge singing that young musicians do. We had heard about the two acts linking up in London and now we’re seeing the (righteous) fruits of their collaborative labor. (They had previously united for the “Octopus” Remix seen below.) The track is off RATKING’s debut album So It Goes, out April 8. We’re going to keep a close eye on both, as it looks like only sick things are coming out of this transatlantic pairing. So It Goes is available for preorder on iTunes now.