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Running From Cops… A Hip Hop Odyssey

Running From Cops… A Hip Hop Odyssey


I went to rehab like three times and finally decided that if I wanted to be a success at anything I do, I couldn’t use any drugs whatsoever, or break the law in any way.

While in rehab, I met my beautiful wife Celeste. Celeste is French/Irish and was born in New York, but was raised in Charleston, South Carolina. Her father is the famous artist Jean-Marie Mauclet. I have to say this impressed me when we met.
It’s a crazy story; I literally fell in love at first sight. She was this model-esque, bohemian hipster type and I was this rehabilitated gang leader/intellectual and we just clicked. I remember just watching her and fantasizing about kids and marriage, which for me was a completely foreign concept. I would stay up late in my dorm room with my guitar writing love songs about her. Eventually we let our feelings be known after some initial flirting and the rest is history.

Celeste came to treatment to address alcohol and cocaine addiction and we’ve been clean and sober since we met. I do believe that our love for each other has enabled us to grow spiritually, mentally and behaviorally, which is the foundation for a healthy recovery.

We now have a six-month old son, Lexington Dillinger Mauclet Cheers. I sometimes look at my son and I am brought to tears of joy because I know that he will not have to ask his mother for the spare change she had to beg for. He will not have to run, hide and duck from the police to prove to society that he exists. He will not be me.

I received my GED, went to college, and enrolled in a clinical-staff internship to become a substance abuse counselor, so I could earn an honest living by giving back. While working as a counselor I began to hone my craft as an MC; chronicling the street tales of a gritty New York kid who faced death, came back from the dead and lived to tell his story.

Peace to my brother, CA RFC, currently doing time upstate. I love you. When you come home, we’ll be rich. I promise.

Editors Note:
Rast raps his ass off. Youtube: Rast RFC / Mark David Chapman for starters.

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