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Rappers Love “Street Fighter”

Rappers Love “Street Fighter”


[Update: Added a song to the list, thanks to some tipping from our fans over at our Facebook page. Thanks Patrick!]

Drake and Lil Wayne have been prepping for their Capcom-sponsored tour for a little over a month now, and the hype surrounding the event doesn’t seem to be dying out at all. I mean, it shouldn’t be— two of rap’s hottest emcees are being sponsored by one of the most infamous video game developers in existence. Plus, the duo are going all out with their love for Street Fighter, as the recently released trailer (below) sports the Street Fighter typeset. The tour is simply called “Drake vs. Lil Wayne,” and Capcom is going as far as creating special trading cards for the event, for both Street Fighter characters and Drake and Lil Wayne.

It’s safe to say that rappers love Street Fighter. Lil Wayne alone has probably a dozen or so songs where he references the game and its characters, while there have been multiple “HADOUKEN!” shouts used as adlibs and samples throughout hip hop’s history. Let’s take a look at some of the standout raps that referenced Street Fighter and its characters in hip hop.

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Lil B – “Hadouken BASED FREESTYLE”

I gotta start this list off right and begin with a based freestyle from the pretty bitch himself.

Lil B dropped “Hadouken BASED FREESTYLE” with his based animal, Keke the Adopted Tabby Cat, for his 05 Fuck ‘Em mixtape, and it’s scattered in Street Fighter references. Kinda. Well, Lil B the Based God just kind of shouts “HADOUKEN” throughout the entire song. There’s not really any great puns or anything, but it’s entertaining to hear nonetheless.

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