Rappers Love Seinfeld

Rappers Love “Seinfeld”

I mean, seriously: What's up with these rappers rapping about Seinfeld?

Common – “Start the Show”

Common’s second Kanye-produced album, Finding Forever, has a classic Kanye violin on the record’s introduction “Start the Show.” That album was like the second coming of Jesus’ second coming, with Common having another go at Kanye’s production after releasing Be. Common was hungry in the rap game and spit some fierce bars on that opening track, but he also dropped a Seinfield-related reference.

I know they wanna Resurrect but I ain’t pedalin’ back /
They gangster stories just as real as Kevin Federline rap /
I guess it’s Kramer and Bush that don’t care about blacks /
Kinda wish it was some real niggas there that just snapped

Unfortunately for Michael Richards, I don’t think any rapper past the year 2006 has dropped a Kramer reference without it referring to racism and actually revolving around the character from Seinfeld. Sorry Mike!

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Rappers Love Seinfeld

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