Rappers Love “Seinfeld”

I mean, seriously: What's up with these rappers rapping about Seinfeld?

Lupe Fiasco – “Outty 5000”

Lupe is one of the rappers who would drop a line about Seinfeld. He knows a lot about nothing that really matters, in terms of pop culture and nerdy things (this was off his Revenge of the Nerds mixtape), so naturally he’d drop this gem:

Moon Man, strutting down the ramp of the lander / Was nuts with the cane, Planters Planters / Adjust my frames, tamper tamper / I’m real, they Seinfeld / They ain’t talking ’bout nothing, George Costanza

Yo, you right Lupe. They ain’t talking ’bout nothing. They ain’t talking ’bout Seinfeld.

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Rappers Love Seinfeld

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