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Rappers Love “Seinfeld”

Rappers Love “Seinfeld”


MF Doom & MF Grimm – “Impostas”

This old track has DOOM going in over an eerie boom bap piano beat by former bestie MF Grimm.

Keep a low lab on Monsta Island like Seinfeld / White wine clientele, connected like mind-meld / I can tell they see the styles are too tricky / And too thicky on this microphone doo-hickey

DOOM is pretty much saying that he lays low in an apartment in New York similar to Seinfeld‘s place. Monsta Island is New York and DOOM is a low-key guy who doesn’t like attention (hence the mask). He’s living somewhere in the city in a nice apartment, just like Jerry Seinfeld would.


Wale – “The Mixtape About Nothing”

Yo, I really didn’t want to write about Wale that much, but I also can’t ignore the fact that dude made an entire mixtape based around Seinfeld.

Wale dropped A Mixtape About Nothing back in 2008 with 10.Deep Clothing and it was the primary reason why Wale became relevant in the first place. While there aren’t any lyrics directly referencing and relating to Seinfeld, the entire tape rips samples from the show and laces them together as interludes and introductions to each song. The tape also has track titles similar to Seinfeld episode names; each song title begins with the word “The.”

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