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Rappers Love “Seinfeld”

Rappers Love “Seinfeld”

EPMD – “Intrigued”

EPMD have a legacy in the rap game for multiple reasons, but if you wanna add one more motive to that list, add this one: Das EFX’s feature on “Intrigued” might literally be the most harmless Kramer reference in rap history. And it’s on an EPMD album.

Yo, the boogie banger, biggedy-black rover to Ranger / Danger, I’m iggidy-off the planet like Kramer / My iggidy-anger, slaughter, iggidy-out of order / Split your monkey ass in half like Moses split the wiggidy-water


This album dropped back in 1997 before Richards was labeled as a racist, so Das EFX was still on board that Seinfeld hype and compared himself to being the insane shit like Kramer. I don’t disagree.

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