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Rapper Maserati Leaks New Donald Sterling Conversation

Rapper Maserati Leaks New Donald Sterling Conversation

Donald Sterling needs to stay away from phones and people for a while.

Clippers owner Donald Sterling needs to learn the value of face-to-face conversations. Today, another one of Sterling’s phone conversations has been leaked, and it may be the weirdest twist in this saga.

Sometime in the last two weeks, Sterling had an hour long conversation with a rapper named Maserati (Sterling pals around with C-list rappers?), revealing damn near everything about his relationshit with V. Stiviano, from their sexual adventures to Stiviano attempt to bleach her skin white.

Of course Maserati leaked the tape to Daily Mail, because that’s what any struggling rapper would do in this situation. It seems like the more information we get, the more questions we have. Listen to the conversation below and try and make sense of the madness.

[h/t Complex]