rap shirts for white people weird al

Stupid Rap Shirts for White People

Now you can certify your corniness with a t-shirt.

The Internet’s birthed a new ridiculous line of t-shirts that look to assist white-collar Caucasian’s in their strenuous quest to gain acceptance into hip hop’s fraternity. Introducing, Rap Shirts for White People. Don’t all clap at once.

Aside from being more than a little offensive, the tees from Rap Shirts for White People (yes, that’s also the name of the brand) are ridiculously corny, and were undoubtedly made by white people, for white people. To the creator of these tees: If you’re currently searching for a career path, don’t choose the fashion industry – especially if your contribution to the world of couture is screen printed t-shirts specifically crafted for Caucasians. Please, step up your comedic game.

Here’s where you messed up:

“I don’t eat gluten that’s my fucking problem.”

Rap shirts for white people i dont eat gluten


Gluten or Celiac Disease effects 1 out of 133 Americans, and unless all 3 million of those people have melanin deficiency, I think the dude hiding out in the moms’ basement producing these terrible shirts may want to widen up his demographic.

“My self-respect brings all the boys to the yard.”

my self respect brings all the boys to the yard

What about your video submission for Juicy J’s twerking scholarship, ma? Nice try.

“You’s a fine venture capitalist won’t u back my startup.”

you's a fine venture capitalist wont u back y start up

What do the Hot Boyz think about this one? Let’s find out.

What do you think about the new line? Do you find the tees offensive or just harmless comedy? Would you cop? Let us know in the comment box below, and check out the rest of the line here.

For the few that feel inspired to rock one of these bad boys in the club, you probably spend way too many hours in your local gym, and twice as many hours in your local tanning salon, bro.

Gyasi is gluten-free and brings all the boys to the yard the good ol’ fashion way. With non-dairy milkshakes. Follow her on Twitter @thedominusg

rap shirts for white people weird al

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  • Jill

    lololololol LMAO at these shirts. i want ALL

  • Jill


  • Brizzy

    Are you for real with the Celiac disease stats??? Ur the corny one here.

  • Duh

    Good job enforcing a racial stereotype at the end of your article that rails against enforcing racial stereotypes, bro.