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Range Rover’s Presence is a Present

Range Rover’s Presence is a Present

You want to be seen and heard coming down the road in Range Rover’s Hamann Evoque next month.

“Only a vehicle built with style, luxury, and capability could attract this kind of attention in the world’s fastest moving envrironments.” The description of the new Hamann Evoque rolling out in May sounds as good as it looks. Not to be outdone, its double barrel exhaust also deserves top billing. Its power moves make you hate to see it go, but you love to watch it leave. Off appearance alone, it also looks as good under the spotlight as it probably does in the twilight. Peep Range Rover’s luxurious whip in showrooms next month.

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Range Rover’s Evoque collection ups the sexy by chopping off the top on their convertible. Why should the skinny, little convertibles have all the fun? Let the big’uns shine.