Random aka Mega Ran"One Bad Day"

Random “One Bad Day”

Philadelphia rapper Random aka Mega Ran lets listeners know that just like "The Joker" anybody can trip out after having one bad day.

Random aka Mega Ran "One Bad Day" black and white

Usually when you talk about modern-day Philly rappers, you think Meek Mill, Beanie Sigel, Cassidy or even GrandeMarshall. With all the rappers mentioned the subject matter is usually closely related to street life — dwelling in it or trying to escape it. Random aka Mega Ran takes a different approach, however, on the K-Murdock-assisted track, “One Bad Day.” The Philadelphia emcee uses the classic Batman graphic novel The Killing Joke (written by Alan Moore) as a muse for the track.  He goes into vivid detail about the origin of  “The Dark Knight’s” greatest nemesis, “The Joker” (I sound like such a fanboy right now), over a sample from the old school NES Batman video game. The funny thing is that the dude actually has a dope flow and spits bars that follow the story line, such as:

The Dark Knight came to stop the crime / He on my heels / I can’t go to jail / Its getting too real / I run like hell through the chemical plant / tried to escape but seems I can’t / he kept coming close till he stepped on back / Didn’t have a choice so I jumped in the vat.

Random’s penchant for storytelling has impressed retro gamers while garnering respect from hip hop’s harshest critics. When asked about his entry into the rap game Random stated:

I was a teacher in Philly for many years, rapping as a hobby. I released my first album ‘The Call’ in 2006. In 2007, I released ‘Mega Ran,’ an album where I sampled Megaman music and rapped over it. Capcom heard it and approved it, invited me to comic con and since then I’ve been licensed by them. I did a Final Fantasy 7 album called “Black Materia” in 2011 and after the success of that, I quit my teaching job and have been making rap music full-time since then.

Hip hop has been endorsed by clothing lines, soft drink companies and in some video games as well. But when you can carve out your own niche market and Capcom is cutting you checks on top of that, I have to salute. This is something new and different, and I fucks with it! Stream the song below and check out some Random’s previous work.

Random aka Mega Ran "One Bad Day" NES pic

Random aka Mega Ran "One Bad Day" Killing Joke

Random aka Mega Ran"One Bad Day"

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