Rammellzee Tribute at Fat Beats Pop-Up Event

The great Rammellzee, along with the anniversary of Beat Street will be honored this weekend at a Fat Beats pop-up shop.

Fat Beats Rammellzee Pop Up Shop

The world never really understood Rammellzee, but they always knew he was great. Even his contemporary and friend, Dondi White knew there was something special about the man who coined philosophy behind his hand style. His work is still being unveiled to this day, as we saw earlier this year when the Suzanne Geiss Company revealed some of his work for the first time, ever. “In the 14th Century the monks ornamented and illustrated the manuscripts of letters. In the 21st and 22nd century the letters of the alphabet through competition are now armamented for letter racing and galactic battles. This was made possible by a secret equation know as THE RAMMELLZEE,” quotes the Suzanne Geiss Company’s press release.

Over the years, brands like Supreme New York and rappers like Wikispeaks have been inspired by Rammellzee—Supreme interviewed Ram a year before his death; the name of Wiki’s blog and zine, Letter Racer is named after the graf legend’s sculptures and artwork. This weekend on the anniversary of Rammellzee’s death, Fat Beats is also paying homage to him at a pop-up shop in Brooklyn. He was one of the illest graffiti writers to ever wield an aerosol can and the mic. He was a legend in his own mind, walked his own path, something a lot of biters of today could learn from. Don’t be scared to be weird. RIP RAM.




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  • Carmela RAMM:ELL:ZEE

    What???? This is THE RAMMELLZEE, Carmela his wife.
    What is it that you are doing????? 

    C ZEE ……Out.

  • Carmela RAMM:ELL:ZEE

    Also, you need permission if you have any works of his to show or audio.
    You mentioned Suzanne Geiss in your site…..she represents the Estate of THE RAMM:ELL:ZEE. 
    All must go thru due process of permission.

    Sorry boss.

  • Carmela RAMM:ELL:ZEE

    Who are you???
    If you are doing a tribute to my late husband, THE RAMM:ELL:ZEE, I suggest you get in
    contact. suzannegeiss.com

    Stop exploiting my husband without permission. That’s all I ask.

    Is FAT BEATS making money on this????

    C ZEE