Stick ’em Up: RAGE

Today we profile stickers around the city from RAGE a group ostensibly against vandalism. Huh?

RAGE Residents Against Graffiti Everywhere Sticker

Sticker: RAGE – Residents Against Graffiti Everywhere

Graphic: RAGE in all caps, with a clever graphic of a spray can in the “A.”

Website: ResidentsAgaintGraffitiEverywhere

Location: DUMBO

Context: A sticker that promotes a group that’s anti-graffiti. This just sounds like a bad joke. By posting their message in DUMBO, they’re not becoming part of the solution, they’re part of the so called problem residents EVERYWHERE are having with graffiti. Their website hasn’t been updated since 2009, which only leads you to believe that RAGE gave up trying to battle bombing of all sorts, including stickers. Way to go RAGE.

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