Rolling Stone Does an Interview with Raekwon

Raekwon On Strike From Wu-Tang Clan

Rae and The Rza [don't] connect.

In light of the 5-Million Dollar Wu-Tang Clan album that is being offered, Raekwon has expressed some less than flattering words for Wu’s general along with other topics. In a Q&A conducted by Rolling Stone, Rae spoke about many issues, including the team (Wu-Tang) being compromised, saying:

This shit is not right. It’s not making us give the fans the best that we can give them. So of course we have a problem with that. It’s like coming out with some music that you’re not feeling. Therefore, it’s being compromised by RZA and his brother Devine, Mitchell Diggs. My thing is, yeah, he’s right, we’re on different pages when it comes to being creative because RZA, you’re not in the field no more.

When asked about what his involvement would be with the A Better Tomorrow project, Raekwon said:

We at a two right now. It’s like climbing up a fuckin’ mountain if you got on slippers. It’s sad. It hurts. It’s all about the fans. It’s all about them saying, “This is my favorite fuckin’ hip-hop group in the world.” I have a job to do for them. And I would never let my fans down and make something I feel is mediocre just to say I made it. That’s not Raekwon.

Rolling Stone also mentioned that Rae’s statements sound like he’s on strike, in which he responded:

It’s the same as being an athlete. I don’t give a fuck if it’s Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant. They will not touch the floor if their managers or lawyers are saying, “Listen, shit ain’t right.” So therefore, I’m in a limbo situation. So yeah, you’re right. I am on strike.

Raekwon’s strike will not affect the release of Once Upon a Time In Shaolin, the limited-edition singular copy on sale for 5 million dollars.

Rolling Stone Does an Interview with Raekwon

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  • Big Basil

    Damn I was gonna pony up the $5 mil until I heard Rae wasn’t on it…